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21 Ways - Step Eleven

Silicon Dawn - Hermit

9 of Pentacles

Page of Swords

the Chariot
ambition/winning at all costs
strength of will/domination
forward progress/blind ambition

The Hermit
The negative extreme would be withdrawing from society to the point of social isolation and losing touch with humanity.... to the point where the isolation makes you less wise, not more b/c you end up with ideas that don't work in reality.

Positive extreme would be spiritual enlightenment, having knowledge about deep spiritual truth. The type of thing only achieved by people who dedicate their lives to knowledge.

For me, it feels like I'm on the positive end of the spectrum, still a ways to go to get to ultimate wisdom. I know a bit about life, but maybe less than I think I do. And I have attained certain wisdom that I live by and am able to use and share with others.

To move further along the scale, I would need to keep seeking and not get too comfortable with what I think I know. The Hermit is humble, and I could align myself more with that. Also, don't be afraid of knowledge or see it as a burden... Knowledge helps you live life on a deeper, richer level, even if that wisdom or truth is not the most happy or optimistic. Some truths about life are somber or sad, but that doesn't mean I need to be afraid of seeking it out.
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