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21 ways - Step 11 - THOTH UNIVERSE CARD

Here I am with my best and worst case scenarios:

Thoth 9 of Disks, Gain, Venus in Virgo
Be at ease in a situation / underestimate the situation
Honest earning / "creative" finance, speculation
Live in abundance and reasonably using up resources / follow unsustainable ways of life
Efficiency / coldness
Have all we need / hoarding
Going after "gains" that harmonize with our higher purpose / following the whims of overinflated Ego

I am going to work. Hope to finish the step by the weekend.

Thoth Princess of Swords

Being surrounded by clouds / see with clarity
Get caught in bad moods / sweep away bad moods
Destroy old altars / get buried by the debris
Destroy old altars / throw the baby with the water
Cleverness / Maliciousness
Play the game through the end / throw up the board

Thoth Atu VII The Chariot

Feel protected by an enclosure / Being closed to everything
Need to define one's belief / Get entangled in definitions
Words convey the will of the Higher Self / Words get muddled through Ego
My True Will flows through me / My personality opposes my True Will
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