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21 ways - Step 11 - THOTH UNIVERSE CARD Part2

Well I guess I got a bit of an overdose of the Universe by now..
But I don't want to change card, so I just took a break. The question is that I am at the end of a cycle, but waiting green light to fully enter the new one.
I have to say that while up till June the transition phase was welcome, since I maybe needed a bit of rest and soul search between phases, from July on the waiting has become more tough, since I feel fully ready and I need to start this new cycle before being able to take fundamental decisions, mainly:
1)move to a bigger house in view of getting Kiara with me up here, or not
2)get a more motivating/less boring job, or not
3)give a go to a possibly romantic relationship that is on the hang since like 1 year.. or not
Having all of that blocked, going through the summer (that is the worst season for me, I am not comfortable anywhere waarmer than 18 19 C degrees..) has been really slow and weighed down.
Now I am going to visit the rest of the family anyway, even though visits to Kiara are still not allowed.
I wish I can make my mind up at least a little bit, but I intend to go on with my life here regardless from october on.
This said, let's come to the Universe card itself benefits and liabilities.
Ends/beginnings : as for myself I feel stucked at the end of this phase, struggling to make the leap to the next.
Potential/ manifest: in a scale 1 to 10 I feel I am manifesting no more then 3 out of 10. I intend to get to at least 5 by Christmas.
I also feel the Universe may mean
Pregnancy/giving birth.. I feel I am in labour over this new, real me that is emerging from the mists of the past.
True Will/Ego Illusions: uhm.. I am no even clear of what my True Will is yet. So 7 out of 10 towards Illusions.
Light/darkness: I am quite solar and positive, so I would say 2 out of 10, close to Light.
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