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Originally Posted by AraLuck View Post
Aaaawwww.. thanks that is so encouraging! Yes, I wouldn't mind a reading if you want to! My question would also be about my finances in the next 3-6 months. Thank you
Hello, well I have followed the same spread.
For the first 3, 1-3, I pulled 3 of ♠, queen of ♦, and 2 of ♥. Here I see the progression from lossof financial stability turning around towards the end leading you to find where to best apply what you love in yoiur career. Overall, the loss of a job or steady income, has led you to shed light on how best to apply and invest your time and efforts. How can you best be of service and make money at the same time. The 2 of ♥ is promising because I see here that you are able to reach in the foreseable future a space of equal and hearfelt exchange, wherein you feel you are of better service while also putting your talents to good use.
The top card of advice is the 6 of ♥, definitely follow the pathway of passion to find where you belong career wise. This is about roads opening for your and you following where your heart leads, this card goes in accordance with the 3 card sequence as it affirms that you are more fruitful and useful following your passion towards financial rewards. Also, this could be an indication to look closer to hime to find more fruitful financial increase, as ♥ are love, family, and friends. Look towards your surroundings.

The bottom card of don't do advice is the 6 of ♣. Interesting that both advice cards are pathways, the only difference is the approach. Here, since this suit is about doing, working and exerting, the advice here is to follow your heart as you look to expand economically, do not get sidetracked going down the road of overwork with little fulfillment.

In general I would say, as there is a prevalence of red and only one spade, that your finances are looking good after a minor bump in the past. Keep doing what you love and following where that leads, there is definitely steady increase in following your passion.

I hope you are blessed, happy holidays and happy new year![emoji4]

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