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(This is what I don't get about Y - there's PDA all over his social media accounts,
he even claimed on all of his bio 'I belong to T' I guess how people feel don't always match their behavior)
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Ten of swords
Either Y sees T as a victim (and perhaps Y has done this before ?) OR Y is just unpleasant and will *stab you in the back* as soon as look at you ? Base was Fool, it doesn't seem that this was carried out or considered with much planning - very much a take it as it comes approach (Fool doesn't like to be tied down)

QU: As above please
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9 wands (rx)
I think the energy of wanting you to be gone is there... however, in the ex it's like
TB doesn't want to "fight" as they know you can give as good as you take....
I don't think TB is hell bent on pursuing stuff against you?

Q: communication looks to be happening soon (just my feel)
Is this the case this weekend?
Nine of Pentacles
I'm not seeing it as this weekend because the energy of the card is pretty much 'solo', so perhaps after next week.

What's the reward for all this?
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