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Originally Posted by Ryver View Post
I can't yet overcome how cold I feel about the court cards in this deck. I really enjoy the deck overall and hope to make a breakthrough. I have been trying to connect but so far they all remain two dimensional. I'm not a novice and have connected well with courts in other decks so it's not about needing to learn more about the court cards in general. I appreciate the observations about thrones possibly not touching and animals/knights and I have been looking carefully at what different postures and symbols can say. There are things there but I still feel like I'm really stretching to convince myself that such and such court card feels like what it's supposed to or even to anything of their own. Anyone else having this experience?
YES! Court cards have always been my downfall. I will breeze through a reading with the Major and Minor Arcana because I feel and understand them completely, but it almost kills my reading high when I see a court card, with the occasional exception of the Knights. I've only ever really stuck with the Gilded Tarot as a solid, stable Tarot deck for myself (using the Osho Zen Tarot on the side, but that's besides the point), so it's not even that it's the deck; I've never connected with the Court cards in any deck I've used. But, as unfortunate as it may seem, it serves as a revelation in disguise, revealing something about myself that I was not aware of before... All is a lesson to be learned somehow.
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