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Swedish Witch / Jolanda - restarting the study group 2016

I want to say that i may come off sounding like a know it all, but i have ADD, hi IQ and my brain constantly races and analyse, so if I answer a msg and say something that makes me sound like an irritating know it all. Let me know. I just run at the brain. usually makes people mad. i have no problem with correction or critique.

Oh yeah, i think faster than i type, and i can type fast, but that is why i have so many typos, in the old days, I typed better, but computers ruined my typing because it is to fix an error.

This group mission is to study these decks to see if we can get more insight on the decks.

We will start with the fool. One thing i would like to learn the phonetic swedish names too. Because i think that is important for a deck.
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