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Edmund, I was not belittling you, I have no issues with your apparent confusion of what this project actually consists of. As you point out I also admitted I was not clear on all the details. My issue is that despite your apparent lack of clarity you still seemed to know enough to question its worth, that it offers nothing new... and conclude it was just another app and as such not like a "real" deck. Which is really another topic entirely.

You claim that you were merely voicing the questions and concerns of other backers as to why the original campaign had been cancelled. I read through everything in the thread, I didn't get the impression there were any concerns. Nevertheless I preempted any by providing an explanation earlier as to why it was cancelled. It was financially too ambitious in the format originally planned for. I then posted an explanation of how it could be produced differently and at lesser costs. I wasn't aware there were any "concerns" though. At least not prior to your initial post, maybe following that there now are. An unintended consequence no doubt. If that is the case let these other backers that you are speaking for, post for themselves and I will try to respond as honstly as I can to any remaining concerns.
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