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lets call this *blog post!^^ lolz :)))

just to say I was playing with my mini today!^^ /yep weekend is my playday!^^ lolz )
had some fantastic readings!^^ it was on the spot all the time!^^/ one good thing when you have a deck made by your wish!^^ lolz )
and discovered new spread variante for *chakra spread i mentioned in book/idea is to check on your chakras by drawing specific number of card for each chakra!^^ starting from 1 for 1st and 7cards for 7th chakra and end up with reversed piramid shape!^^ lolz
but it requires quite space!x.x /like you can see on some img I posted earlier on my blog!^^) and you know me I like it *all simple*!^^ so I end up drawing cards in a row like 1, then 2 etc and interpreting it on spot!^^ XD just placing one above other after interpretation ending with two piles of cards/deck I draw from and 2.drawn cards!^^XD llike this way more!^^XD think I'll keep it from now on!^^ XD anyway when I identify problem this way I continue asking questions and drawing more cards for answers etc it was really fun and good experience!^^ )

btw I'll continue to update this topic!^^ as I have more ideas for some variantes I plan to try out next yr!^^ XD lolz ) so keep on checking it here!)

p.s book grammar/spell check is still in prpogress! so you can look forward to one fantastic book when it's done!^^ hopefully that will be this yr!^^ anyway no hurry as
I'm sure no one rush to order anything and wait for postman to bring it on your precious free winter vacation days or few days before holidays!XD )

so let's say I'll launch promo on spring?) it goes well with color theme!^^ lolz )
looking forward to giveaway and video review!^^ )

till next!^^

wish you all happy holdays!^^ and share it with people you love!^^ lolz ))
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