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World Spirit Study - The Sun (19)

This has got to be one of the most disliked cards in the deck I've heard people describe this baby as looking like Richard Nixon.

I don't think that the baby has been drawn (or carved) very well but it doesn't really put me off the card.

Here we see a naked baby, arms raised above his head. He is sitting on an open lotus flower which is balanced upon the crest of a wave. A golden sun shines behind him and the air around him is filled with flowers and blossoms.

Apart from the ugly baby, I think that this card portrays the essence of The Sun archetype really well.
The lotus flower begins as a seed in the mud, it grows through water and eventually blooms on the surface... It's journey through the mud and water before finally reaching maturity in the sunlight make the lotus flower symbolise enlightenment.
There is a joy to this card. The baby looks happy and confident, he rides the crest of a wave and is surrounded by flowers.

His number is 19 which reduces to 10 and then again to 1. This means that The Sun is related to The Magician and also to The Wheel. Endings and new beginnings then as well as confidence and the ability to do anything you set your mind to.

I actually quite like this card.
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