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One Card, One Sentence Game # 141

Follows on from the previous thread:
One Card, One Sentence Game # 140

Welcome to round 141 of the One Card, One Sentence Game!

To play,

1. Pull one tarot card on the subject of the question asked by the poster directly above you. It works best to not use reversals and to use RWS based decks.
2. Post a one sentence interpretation/answer.

3. Post your own brief question -- the person who posts after you will answer your question.

Please note:
*Vary your question from one post to the next. Please don't ask over and over about the same person or same relationship.
*When there are several people playing at the same time, occasionally a question will be skipped by accident. In the event your question gets skipped, the best thing is to go with the flow, respond to another person's question, and then post your own question again. Do NOT attempt to refer other players back to a previous post by writing "see Q above" or "see previous Q". You must ALWAYS write out your question, every time, no exceptions.
*Don't discuss other players' game etiquette or game play in the thread. If you find someone's game play troublesome, please submit a Post Report, but never call someone out publicly in the thread. Such posts will be removed.
*It is acceptable to use a tarot deck with non-traditional suit names and/or renamed majors -- however, players using such decks are responsible for noting what the commonly recognized card name would be. In other words, if your deck has a suit of Stones instead of a suit of Pentacles, then if you pull the 3 of Stones for someone, you'd need to note that Stones=Pentacles. Don't assume that other players will remember, or that they will be able to guess.

Here is the last post from the previous thread:

Originally Posted by LadyKathryn View Post
The fool: yes. I think he's rather excited about you.

What were her intentions by reaching out?
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