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Tarot of Prague Café Club - The Star

This card has very much been a focus in my life the last few days so I thought I'd post on her.

She has a classical look in this card. She pours from two urns, a small one and a larger one so the quantity of water that she pours out differs. The smaller one is a steady flow but the larger one is more gushing and forceful. Its almost like a waterfall. She controls both though. The idea, we are told, is that the water cycles back to the fountain in the background, it represents the well of hope, which never runs dry. Thats a really good comparison.

Although she appears serene, tranquil, peaceful and calm, she still maintains some composure, some focus, some control. Does she have her eyes shut or is she just looking downwards or inwards? There is this stillness about her which forces us to stop and think.

The water flowing from the large urn has five stars. Why five? Five senses?

I like the Tower in the background, its a reminder that we have had to experience it to arrive at the Star. Also, she sits on a little wall of bricks, which hint at the rebuilding that has taken place after the tower experience.

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