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You find her severe, Baba-prague? strange...I have been thinking she is a little pensive and concentrated. She is performing her lone ritual with her head looking down at the small urn, but her thoughts seem very much elsewhere -above, if above is where our thoughts go when they are not on mundane things. I think she loves what she does: it is absorbing her entirely.

I love the colours - gold and blue for the urns and the water and the girl's headdress, a pale ochre background, and the silver grey of the girl. They are restful - a healing in themselves.

The background scene: the girl there seems more matter-of-fact, though still gentle, reminding us this is also a card of action, not only a sweet dreamy rest. These girls are both busy, but they go about their business without haste or busy-ness.

I love the spitting lion A kind of joke - don't take life so seriously! - it seems to remind us. But the girls don't pay attention to him. Should they?

I counted 6 stars - am I missing any? Why are there 2 less than normal? did you go for the 6 planets and left sun and moon for other cards? This card is also a cosmology. It reminds us of our place in the universe. Not large, perhaps, but we have a place, and sometimes we'll use it to pour large floods, and sometimes, small trickles. What is the use of large floods if trickles are needed? You don't water plants the same way in Prague and in Morocco.

I'll post my card mid-week, when we've had time to do some more star-gazing...
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