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When I went to get the card out my deck so I could look at it.. it was sitting right on top waiting for

In this picture I see a severe looking man garbed in expensive robes that have a flower print. Which to me is kind of humours. He strikes me as an old school master. Someone with whom you learn from, but don't take too seriously, because you have to learn from your own mistakes.

The gesture his hand is making, makes me thing of an authoritative figure saying, "tisk tisk" or if he were to open those 2 fingers it would be the "V" for victory.

Like the 2 little children below, On the pillars there are 2 faces with the same kind of expression. One with a smirk and the other I am not sure how to describe it. Also one face looks more feminine than the other. By the feminine face there are also symbols of animals which looks peaceful compared to the other side and where it looks to be some battle being fought...

With the Heirophant standing in the middle of that and the faces staring into him he could be there to teach balance or some inner strength. To show some kind of guidance.
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