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Maybe not NEGATIVE

Along with everyone else, not my favorite card, for reasons everyone else's already stated. I beleive organized religion is the opiate of the masses and I don't do drugs.
I think maybe the pillar images are how religion affects different people. Some see it as safety, something they can follow(the sheep). Others see it as an oppressive weight bearing them down (the people with bundles on their backs).
The keys in his hat are from the RWS deck, but then they're at the bottom of the picture and in gold and silver. They symbolize (I think) that the learning you get in society (or in church) gives you the keys to hidden wisdom.
I think his two fingers are in preparation to bless someone, perhaps the boys praying at his feet.
I like the touch about the boys being comedy/tragedy masks. (Big drama kid right here.)
The card overall presents a very structured environment, but with the promise of safety. Like religion.
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