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Any system that uses the Sepher Yetzirah as a foundation text uses the attribution of the three Mother Letters and their associated elemental attributions. This doctrine is derived from the SY 2:1.

Originally Posted by William Wynn Westcott
The twenty-two sounds and letters are the Foundation of all things. Three mothers, seven doubles and twelve simples. The Three Mothers are Aleph, Mem, Shin, they are Air, Water and Fire. Water is silent, Fire is sibilant, and Air derived from the Spirit is as the tongue of a balance standing between these contraries which are in equilibrium, reconciling and mediating between them.
Originally Posted by Aryeh Kaplan
Twenty-two Foundation Letters:
Three Mothers
Seven Doubles
and Twelve Elementals.
The Three Mothers are Alef Mem Shin,
Their foundation is
a pan of merit
a pan of liability
and the tongue of decree deciding between them.
[Three Mothers, Alef Mem Shin
Mem hums, Shin hisses
and Alef is the breath of air
deciding between them.
As you might expect there is some disagreement over the attributions. Aleph/Air is almost universally assigned to the Middle Pillar. The Golden Dawn system is the same as the Wiki article you linked to. Aryeh Kaplan reverses the attribution of Mem and Shin due to his desire to conform certain technical details to those found in the the Zohar.
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