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Here we see the Princess of Wands holding her Wand like a Staff as she strides along a road. Her dress is crimson and the front, trim and belt are decorated with celtic designs. Her cloak is fastened with a golden clasp and her auburn hair flows freely in the breeze behind her.

From her stance you can tell that this Princess has energy and enthusiasm. She is bursting for something to happen and to be a part of it. I think the reason we see her walking along a road is to show that she is keen to get going and start something new. She does not sit back and wait for others to take the lead but gets on with it herself. She is looking forward with purpose and has an air of anticipation about her. Freedom and expression are words to describe her. This also means that she has a tendancy at times to dive in without thinking.

Before I had this deck, a friend of mine did a reading for me and this was one of the cards that cropped up. I have an affinity with this card now for that reason.

I may post more later if something else comes to mind.
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