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Princess of Wands, Druid Craft..

I noticed the staff the Princess is holding. We can see the bottom but not the top. Around the bottom is some brilliant yellow fiery light. This seemed to suggest she is trying to ground this inspirational energy, but the fact that the top of the staff is not seen could suggest she is yet unaware of the source of her inspiration...

the grounding of inspiration is also suggested by the inverted triangular breastplate on her dress

I love that beautiful red dress with green salamanders and cape...her long red hair spirals out behind her in a pattern similar to the tails of the salamanders..

The red connects with will and energy; the green with the earth and humanity.

Im not as familiar as Id like to be with Celtic Knot patterns like the one around the hem of her dress. It could mean something looks like a series of 3 knots connecting with another series of 3...maybe someone here knows? 3 is definitely a creative number

I LOVE this deck, look forward to discussing it here..and have enjoyed the comments so far. Moonbow, if you ever need a break from scanning., Id be happy to do a few too.

Cerulean, thanks for the great link!!

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