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A quick addition for now. We spent a long time wondering which of the two Death cards to take out for the reprint. Alex preferred the card with the horse, I preferred the card based on St Mikulas (Nicholas) Church. One powerful association I have with those images is the fact that this was the only place in which there was a real memorial service for Mozart at the time of his death - Praguers tended to be very fond of Mozart, and this may have taken place partly underneath these incredible paintings. That adds a whole layer for me.
(oddly the pages are also about Lennon, who of course is much loved here and commemorated famously in the "John Lennon" wall).

Anyway, we put a post here and most people - in fact the large majority - preferred the "St Nicholas" image (edited to correct, sorry St Michael's church in Vienna was also in my thoughts - first place Mozart's "requiem" was performed). I think in a way it "tells it like it is" - that death is all around us and is a part of life, that some people fear it, but others don't. Oddly enough we've become much more reticent to see this in modern times - hundreds of years ago people seemed more able to acknowledge death and even to smile or laugh at it in some ways. Mozart himself said:"Death is not a terrible vision but a friend"

So, in the new reprint the "horseman" Death is replaced by a new "Prudence" card (something we have had in mind for a while). By the way - Alex is happy with the decision - and he has his own copies of the "horseman" card, which graphically he likes very much.
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