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First of all, I want to mention that I really enjoyed reading Bean Feasa's initial post...I like the way you described both cards in such detail, and you captured the mood of each card so well. Normally, I do not read other posts before writing my own, because I do not want to be influenced by others, but in this case I did....I was really curious about how other people viewed the two Death cards.

I have the first edition Prague set, and I am glad I have it since the newer edition only has one Death card (although I may end up with both editions, so I can use the Prudence card). While I can appreciate both versions of Death, I would agree with the majority who chose the St. Nicholas version as their favorite. It just seems more "real" to me....seeing the haunted facial expressions of these people really affected me on a deeper level than the "Death Rider" version. BTW I only use the St. Nicholas card for my readings, the other one is left out with the title card. I can only imagine how a querent might react if they had two Death cards in their reading, LOL!!!

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