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I've given this some more thought.

Tarotbear raises a valid question. I think a lot of it depends on what one's personal opinion is regarding what is required for a deck to be considered a tarot deck -- discussions and arguments about which have gone on ad infinitum on the forum.

The question with any "theme" tarot deck is, is it a Marseilles-based or RWS-based deck with a few changes made to fit the theme (an example would be the Robin Wood, which starts with the RWS as a basis and makes a few changes here and there to make it a pagan deck), or is it a deck of cards based on the theme, which is put in the form of a tarot deck? My deck is definitely the latter. That means that one should expect that many cards will be very different in my deck than they were in the RWS. Now, there are certain cards where I comment directly on or take a twist on the corresponding RWS cards (like the 10 of Cups, and the 3, 9 and 10 of Swords). But there are other cards where you just won't see anything like the RWS.

Yet another answer is that personally I tend to prefer simple, strong, iconic images rather than a card filled with hundreds of symbols. So, if I were an artist and designing a deck, I would be more likely to draw something like the Marseilles than Voyager (although I like Voyager too). So that's another reason my Aces are rather simple.

Sorry you asked?

-- Lee
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