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Originally Posted by Lee
The question with any "theme" tarot deck is, is it a Marseilles-based or RWS-based deck with a few changes made to fit the theme
That had given me the idea, that a "theme" deck really would allow a creator to use less-nill symbolism in the esoteric sense and still offer a broad scope of meanings/inspiration in a card. The depth of cards like RWS or Thoth come from the "occult" symbolism, and it is really these ideas that the deck is depicting visually.

The Gay deck in contrast draws its symbolism from the culture, so a modern image such as you might see daily, has a greater depth because of the associations that go with it.

The Marseille has more limited symbolism (in the minors at least) which allows a reader to bring more of there own stuff to the party, and greater flexibility when reading.

So maybe a RWS clone with the occult symbolism removed has a lot less to say, than a deck created based around its own symbolism.

mm, thanks for something to think about.
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