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Back to the cards

Just to comment on the cards themselves...

That each suit's "tool" appears out of the magician's hat is a great connection to the Magician and his mastery of them. In terms of the meanings, I always see the aces as the beginning, of an idea (swords), project (wands), material venture (coins) or relationship (cups). The aces in a way are the seed of what is to grow through the remaining cards of the minor arcana.

To comment on the thread...
What I can appreciate about this deck is that it is less heavily loaded with "esoteric' correspondences and so changes the feel of the deck for me. It's not quite so weighted down and helps for me to bring the deck into more of a modern context. Also, the cards come across to me as less mystical and more pragmatic and grounded. It's a great way to bring across spiritual lessons in a relateable way.
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