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Excuse me while I fall off my chair. No, it is not the disgustingly hot summer weather here, it is AWE. I haven't been around much this last year for a lot of sad reasons and have missed seeing everything that is going on in the Deck Creation thread.

I can tell you right now that I will sell my children, if need be, oh hell, and the rest of the family (that is if anyone wants them), to buy this deck when the time comes. AWE, absolute, gobsmacked AWE.

Mrs One Potato, The Little Window Tarot is a huge, gigantic window into the world of tarot. I am so impressed, so inspired, so fulfilled by the images that I don't even feel envious of your talent. It is stupid to feel envy for pure genius, for that one in 6 billion.

And No, I am not gushing (that was Mum's Hot Water Service), I mean every word I am saying. You are one creatively inspired and extraordinarily talented spud.

I think my brain is about to explode. You're an original my girl.

mythos ... who is AWED and in AWE.
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