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I'm trying to look deeper into this card as well! Its so confusing with all the hidden symbols. I am just guessing here!

I really like what we have so far beatrix and afrosaxon!

Some things I notice:

His shield is missing the sun sign. The only other card I've noticed missing it is the five of pentacles - the stained glass doesn't have it. Seems serious?

I looked up scarab's too ( They symbol "ideas of existence, manifestation, development, growth, and effectiveness" - sounds like if a pentacle was a bug this would be it! Scarabs are a symbol of sun god Khepri - maybe this was ciro's way of still putting in the sun since its not on the shield. I learned they are also a symbol of rebirth/resurrection.. maybe it has something to do with the battles our knight has survived and having to reinvent himself after warfare.

The rabbit and the grass take me back to the six of cups, which I think could reinforce the idea that the knight is ready to take a break and go back to simpler times.

Are those dragons on the cloak? The other nights just have symbols. If this knight hunts dragon's he's one bad dude or maybe its an intimation factor. Maybe its fancy to show "wealth".

He is the only one with the jousting stick too, after doing a google ( it seems our knight was probably involved in jousting tournaments or warfare. Apparently, if hit with one even if your wearing armor it can do some serious damage.

Also learned from that site that horses are trained to kick on command and bite!! knight of wands is the only horse with his mouth in check! The others are all open. *ouch!*

I have been seeing a guy who is a veteran. He will sit and just watch others just to make sure everything is ok, if we go out to eat he always has to sit a certain direction so that he can see the door/have the widest view. He had a tough time serving, came back with ptsd so I could see the scarabs as how you have to reinvent yourself to get through it/come out of depression. He takes his time with things, and deep down he is sensitive but only a few people see his emotions.

Would love to hear more thoughts on this! I am going to reflect on what I've searched so far!!
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