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Pearls of Wisdom Tarot Kit coming soon.... Update

here is an update. I have finished writing the Pearls of Wisdom Majors Kit. My hubby and I are giving it all a final edit, just finished the Devil today sot it will soon be off to the layout guy. There are over 650 photos in this Kit which includes a handbook with all new write ups, guided meditations, a pearl of wisdom a healing art project and my inspirations behind each Major. I created 5 new healing spreads and layout sheets that will fit the business card size mini Pearls of Wisdom Tarot, (in a draw string bag). There are 3 guest spreads from Bonnie Cehovet (who wrote my first AT review) Alec Satin, a well known Tarot personality and Pamela Steele of the Steele Wizard Tarot (we were both on the same top 10 AT list in 2007)

In addition there will be a 23 card Pearl-Essence deck created from the healing art projects, Art supplies and more.

This Kit is unparalleled in the Tarot world. To be on the notification list email and put notification list in the subject line. Once the Kit goes to print the Notification list will be given two weeks advance notice. Why? Well the original 23 paintings from the art projects are up for grabs.

The whole Kit will come in a hand painted hinged lid tin box for shipping and storing. In the near future I will be doing webinars on the art projects through Global Spiritual Studies. My first webinar is here.

Another note is that you can now purchase a signed Pearls of Wisdom Tarot deck through I have made an exclusive arrangement to sign her decks. Beverly will ship anywhere in the world, and your deck will come with a surprise as well. The Pearls deck is hard to come by, and I think she even has a rare first edition for me to sign as well.

Cheers Hexi
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