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Exclamation Phases & Retrogadation

As we move into working with the outer planets we need to recognize that they exhibit a retrograde motion for significant portions of each year. There is nothing quick here as there are in the inner planets. An outer planet, and this is more true as you move outward toward Neptune and Pluto, may approach 1/3 of the year exhibiting retrograde movement. For the record, lets look at just a few examples:

MARS: On Oct. 1, 2005, with the Sun at 7 Libra, Mars turned retrograde at 23 Taurus. Mars was 194 degrees ahead of the Sun, more than a full opposition.
On Dec. 20, 2005 with the Sun at 18 Sag, Mars turned direct at 8 Taurus. Mars was 140 degrees ahead of the Sun at that time. Mars backtracked 54 degrees in relative terms compared to the Sun's position, 15 degrees in zodiac span.

So, Mars turned retrograde while in the Seeker Phase and fell back to near the start of the Analyst Phase. So, we have a situation where Mars can move direct thru the Analyst Phase and well into the Seeker Phase before retracing its steps back thru the Analyst Phase, and then preceeding fully thru the Seeker Phase and onto the rest of its cycle. It may be necessary to go back to the Sun-Mars threads and add some clarifying footnotes.

JUPITER: On Feb. 2, 2005, with the Sun at 13 Aquarius, Jupiter turned retro at 18 Libra, 245 degrees ahead of the Sun. On June 4, 2005, with the Sun at 14 Gemini, Jupiter turned direct at 8 Libra, 145 degrees ahead of the Sun.

So, Jupiter turned retrograde after entering the Believer Phase, when it abruptly started backing up all the way back thru the Seeker Phase and the bulk of the Analyst Phase. Symbolically, we have to add to our understanding of the Phase meanings to address this action.

So, lets lay out some simple key words for our Phases before we go ahead and explore these Phases in depth. Since there are no book references that I'm aware of, we have to be able to frame these meanings ourselves.

We will consider these Keywords for Sun and for Jupiter:
SUN -- Vitality, Will, Health, Focus
JUPITER -- Growth, Expansion, Preservation, Socialness

We will next take what we have learned about each Phases meaning and create, as we go, a Sun-Jupiter Phase Meaning. Following this, as each list participant responds and comments, we will refine each phase's meaning and will have, collictively, broken new astrological ground -- we will have all done something that nobody else has ever done.

A SIDE NOTE: I am repreinting each thread/topic we have covered so far so that they might be reproduced in Adobe Format. We'll have to see if we can arrange later for Solandia to store these for downloading similar to Thirteen's Tarot Lessons. In this way we can all have copies of what we have all done together. Those copies would have diagrams that explained more clearly what we have been doing. We'll see how that goes.

PERFORMER PHASE: 0 to 45 degrees; Sun to Jupiter.
One gravitates toward, or acts as if, one (who) was wealthy, generous, and highly optimistic. One tends to "live large" and encourage others, enjoys the fruits of life and is highly gregarious in nature. The only aspect that might occur in this phase is the opening semi-sextile

WORKER PHASE: 45 to 90 degrees; Sun to Jupiter.
One seems to find it difficult to demand or live with oportunities and expectations of success, or offers of encouragement and support from others. If ones parents or a past situation reflected a level of comfort above what is now experienced, one finds it hard to achieve that same situation in the same way -- one looks for better or different solutions to finding improvement. There are two possible aspects that might occur in this phase; the semi-square and the sextile.

ACTIVIST PHASE: 90 to 135 degrees; Sun to Jupiter
One tends to strive for too much, to go overboard in acquisitions or enjoyment of life -- affecting health, reputation, leadership image and ability to move ahead cleanly and effectively. Too much may be attempeted and too much left undone. Aspects that might be effective in this phase are the square and the trine.

ANALYST PHASE: 135 to 180 degrees; Sun to Jupiter
One's energy and vitality is more effectively directed to achieve and create opportunities. Adjustments in life style can help improve health and an ability to reach out to others. Retrograde: Vitality and health is threatened, paths to self-improvement are eagerly sought, ones resources are overcommited and not directed effectively. Aspects that can occur in this phase include the sesququadrate and inconjunct.

SEEKER PHASE: 180 to 215 degrees; Sun to Jupiter
One proposes opportunities for others, encourages support, leads efforts to direct and maintain levels of success or wealth. Choices may be made that balance ones will, health, resources against ones hopes, commitments, greed or expectations of what others can offer. Imperial demands or selfless giving. Retrograde: One has to re-constitute prior offers or contracts, balance out ones resources, re-evaluate expectations or demands. Aspects that can occur in this phase include the opposition, the closing inconjunct.

BELIEVER PHASE: 215 to 270 degrees; Sun to Jupiter
One uses one's reputation and prior successes to strive towards improvements in ones own life and immediate circle/family. One might join in another's push to expand resources or some crusade of social cause with the hope of gain. Retrograde: Retrograde motion merely brings one close to this phase for a short period of time. One sees how others can leverage their resources to benefit others but fails to heed this demonstration of support. Aspects that can occur in this phase: Closing sesquiquadrate, closing trine.

CHANGER PHASE: 270 to 315 degrees; Sun to Jupiter
One defines new opportunites, creates substantial visions for oneself and for others. Health improves, vitality is infused within ones nature and the projects that one works at. Great recognition might be achieved. Aspects that can occur include the closing square and closing sextile.

PROPHET PHASE: 315 to 359 degrees; Sun to Jupiter
One might lay out paths and visions for others, one bequeaths to others as a way of streamlining ones life and way of life. Wealth and resources become a tool for the benefit of others or to escape a life style that is no longer attractive.

Now these statements are "first voiced" possiblities based upon what has been established in astrological practice but which we are extending so as to investigate and confirm these phase meanings. Your feedback and discussion will show how close we have come to a successful set of statements.
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