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World Spirit - Two of Cups

Once upon a time there were two princes. One was from the east and one was from the west. Their lands had been at war for many generations, but the two young princes did not understand why. It seemed that the war was going on simply because it always had. So the princes started to write to each other secretly to plan that one day, when they were both kings of their respective lands, that they would declare peace and end the war. They wrote to each other every week for an entire year, at first discussing only how to end the war, but then they started to share their hopes, ideas, and feelings with each other. The realised that they had much in common, being the eldest sons of each kingdom, and so were able to talk to each other in a way that they had never with anyone else. After a year had passed, they realised that through their letters and discussions, that they had become the best of friends, and they dearly wanted to meet each other face-to-face, even though their two lands were still at war. So they made a plan to sneak out of their palaces, dressed as common people, and and secretly meet at the border. Finally the day came when both young princes sneaked out of their palaces and through the fields to the wood that stood between the two kingdoms. For a moment, each stood behind a tree on the opposite side of the meadow, hardly able to believe that the other was really there, too. But then they both stepped out into the open, saw each other, and ran across the meadow to meet in the middle. They hugged and laughed and danced together. They roughhoused and played, they lay on their backs in the grass and looked up at the sky and told each other their dreams and fears. As the day grew long, they knew it was time to go. So they got up, and in the middle of a fairy ring of toadstools, they joyously and solemnly pledged their undying friendship, and to bring peace to the two kingdoms. They agreed to continue to write to each other every week in secret, and to meet at this same spot every year to renew the pledge and to enjoy each others' company for a day.
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