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Step Four - Gilded Tarot - 3 Cups

Activity 4.1

Once upon a time...

I spent the early evening getting ready to go. I was putting on my red dress, getting my hair done just so. I was waiting for Cindy and Sherry to come over. We were heading to the bar for a night out on the town. Cindy had on her blue dress, and Sherry had on the green one.

We headed out with only good intentions for a great evening.

Once we got to the bar, we were each handed a glass of wine. The glasses were beautiful. They were large and gold, and there was an amazing design etched into them.

The night was filled with dancing and wine and lots of good times.

Activity 4.2

I am a young woman getting ready for a great night on the town. I'm patiently waiting for my friends to come and pick me up, so we can hit the town.

Activity 4.3

Well, this story was a pretty typical Friday night when I was younger. I have changed the names to protect the innocent It was usually a fun time. There was no way I could tell any story other than this one because those good times are ingrained in my brain.
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