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I'm just looking through my deck, it's not a deck I've used for years to be honest but your question has got me curious about the cards and I'm leaning towards the 5 of Cups to represent your situation..

5s often represent a change after the stability of the 4 so this 5 shows a change in your emotional state, maybe a loss of something so a loss of friendship would fit.. With the 5 of Cups there is also a feeling of focusing on the negatives rather than the positives (a lot of decks show 2 cups remaining upright, this one doesn't).. The lady certainly looks lonely..
5s are connected to The Hierophant too so there is often a lesson to be learned with them.. Something that is difficult at the time but that you'll look back on and be glad you lived through it because it helped you to grow in some way.

With the 8 of Cups there is a sense of dissatisfaction (again emotionally since it's a Cups card).. Since it's an 8 it tends to show that emotionally, you've put all you can into something and it's time to stop investing in that relationship or thing and move on to find what's missing (the 9th cup) somewhere else.

From what you've said, I'd go with the 5 of Cups..

Hope that helps a bit..
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