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Originally Posted by Ronia View Post
It's not only Lilly though and he is not exactly always sticking to his own sayings. I do allow both aspects and in fact, it clearly means a change is necessary to get a chance. A change signified in some way by the change of signs. Or their nature.
You seem to have missed that I agree with you on this point. The Moon is applying to both Venus and Mercury.

Originally Posted by Ronia
With reception, things got a bit muddy because to me Moon is applying from a place of dignity of Venus thus Venus will receive her. Moon is faster, she is applying. Venus will receive her in Aries. Obviously, there is no mutual reception but there is an applying aspecg and simple reception, in my opinion. I do consider Venus to have triplicity in water... I did read quite a bit on triplicities and it doesn't make much sense to me to grant it all together to Mars.
I go by Dorothean triplicities, which seem to have been the only operating system in Hellenistic and Medieval times. Lilly was part of a Ptolemy revival movement and he (Lilly) uses Ptolemy's triplicities/ But there's little evidence of Ptolemy's system being used by anyone, certainly in Hellenistic times and even later. So No, Mars doesn't get the whole lot but has to share with the other triplicity rulers, Venus by Day, Mars by Night and Moon as the Co-operating Lord. You're allowing Venus rulership, even though this is a night chart. I don't object to that at all but it's crucial to the next point

[quote=Ronia] (From another thread);
...And in general, I take triplicity rulers, all of them, in consideration.

If Moon is a triplicity ruler, and all three triplicity rulers are operative, how can Venus receive the Moon into the Water Triplicity, as she (the Moon) is already an operative Triplicity ruler? It's her Triplicity as much as it is that of Venus.

So Moon has Triplicity, as well as Domicile but Domicile take precedence.

If the Moon were entering Scorpio or Pisces, I might have allowed Reception by Triplicity but if we're allowing all three Triplicity rulers to have dignity in their triplicity, the Moon would still not need Reception, she's there of her own right, with equal rights to Venus. Indeed she's there with more rights than Venus, as she's the Domicile ruler as well. Venus doesn't receive the Moon.

The Moon is certainly applying to Venus and pushing its disposition to her. The aspect will occur and one of your significators will aspect the job.What's more the Moon is a friend of Venus and Venus a friend of the Moon. That friendship should be enough to prevent the Square causing too much disruption. The Moon is also fast.

So I would see Moon aspect to Venus to be signifcant testimony for the job offer. even without Reception.

Now why do I rule out the Mercury Venus sextile? I rule it out because the Moon/Venus aspect will already have happened. You and the job have already made contact. The offer has likely been made there is no need for the second contact, it's Moot. Now if there are two jobs (but see below) that might suggest you have accepted the first offer, and when a second comes along, you are not in a position to take it. In that sense, the Moon's aspect to Venus has prevented you from accepting the second job.

However, can we be sure that this situation does indicate two jobs. If Venus were in a double bodied sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) we might take that as a clue. But Venus is in Aries.

We could argue that as you have two applications on the go, a more sensible approach would be to treat Venus as job number 1 and then use the tenth from the tenth for job number 2. That would bring the MC ten signs further on to Aquarius and Saturn would be job number 2. That would make Saturn its significator and Saturn is in Sagittarius (which is a double bodied sign) and in Partile Opposition to the Moon. I'm not sure that the Opposition would produce any offer, especially as the Moon and Saturn are not friends.

The Moon is in the Terms of Saturn, so you might argue for a very weak Reception here. But I don't think the obligation to Receive a guest is going to be enough to overcome the opposition. It might be a polite refusal or the demands of the job will be such that you can't take it. Saturn is also slow and heading for its Station Retrograde (which happens in early April, so it will remain Direct during your time limit). But Mercury will aspect Saturn by sextile, later this month But before then, it will have sextiled Venus (again accepting job number 1 prohibits job number 2) Mercury will also aspect Mars and Jupiter before reaching Saturn. Either way, I don't think you can rely on two jobs actually being offered. I'm fairly sure you'll get an offer on the Venus job but I don't see the second one coming off.
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