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Originally Posted by Ronia View Post
I think I understand what you mean now, when you speak of who benefits, etc. Yes, strong Moon has nothing to benefit from wewker Venus. I agree.

I did call those guys with the first offer today. I am facing lack of money and I have no other offer. They are bitter but haven't hired anyone else yet. I'm going back next Friday. I continue to hope that another offer will come in the meantime because I still don't see how my child and I will manage with me being away for so long and so far.
I take it you mean that last job that you turned down because of the travelling involved and the separation from your son. I can understand that the situation is bad, if you have to consider reviving that one. Good job but not good conditions for either you or your son.

Originally Posted by Ronia
Speaking of which, PLEASE HELP with chart from today re: a dream job in again our oldest University. Everything fits my requirements greatly but the chart is questionable at best. Cast at 16:16 on February 10 in Toronto. Question was will I get a job offer from the students' union?
Is this a totally fresh job or one of the two job applications that led to the current horary?

Yes you are right there is Mixed Reception between Sun and Moon. It's the opposition that causes the difficulty. As Full Moon is seen to be a weak point for the Moon and oppositions rarely lead to a succesful outcome. Many writers see Reception between Moon and Sun as always being strong, but this placement is the toughest;.

I take the partile sextile of Sun to MC as a good sign but not enough to secure the job in itself. Lilly and others allow aspects to house cusps, especially the Ascendant, as major contributing factors. I agree the MC in Aries (Sun's Exaltation) does suggest that they will be impressed by your application' especially as Mars is in the Face of the Sun.. so that's a second tick though it's still not enough to tip the scales to a job offer. The Sun is in the Terms of Mars, which backs up the point about you liking the job. The problem is that there's no aspect between Mars and Sun (and therefore no Reception). So despite all the positive points, there's no aspect between significators that would secure the job offer.

The Moon's next aspect after the Sun is the sextile to Jupiter, who rules the ninth house of Hlgher Education. Unfortunately (using Regiomontanus) Jupiter isn't the dispositor of Mars, in the ninth. Thereafter, the Moon trines Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn is the Sun's dispositor. He also happes to be the Lord of both Fortune and Spirit. You asked about the Mercury/conjunction with Fortune in this chart. You're right, I would not see Mercury as Lord 3, I would see him as Lord 2 - your financial situation )and applying to Spirit (what you can do about your situation). You asked about Fortune and Mercury. You're right, I wouldn't treat Fortune as Lord 3. To me it's Lord 2 - your financial situation. However, Fortune is separating from Mercury and heading for the Descendant The aspect never gets to be partile. But following the Moon's aspect to Jupiter, it's next aspect is the trine to Saturn, which happened in the early hours of this morning. Saturn happens to be the Lord of Fortune and also the Lord of Spirit (at the Full Moon they both lie on the Descendant and by the time the Moon trines Saturn they are moving away from it again but still in Aquarius. Being ruled by a malefic is not good for either Lot. But, given that this is a Day chart, and Saturn is of the same Sect as the Sun (you) it might prove positive. The Moon will then cross into Virgo and aspect the Norh Node. I I notice that the antiscion of the North Node, lies at 25 Aries, it's applying to the MC of this chart Again a positive indicator but we still haven't got that aspect between significators that will clinch the matter.

So there seems to be a lot of indicators for success but none of them seem conclusive enough. I can't see an immediate way of securing the result you want. And I'll spend some time thinking this through.

One final point for now, The Lot of Necessity is exactly on your Ascendant. At 7 degrees Leo. It's therefore ruled by the Sun. The Lot (which is also the Lot of Mercury) relates to difficult and restrictive situations, and battles and adverserial situations (which you allude to in your post). These difficulties tend to come from your own ignorance (not knowing enough about the situation) or mistakes you have made. You have to use Mercurial skills. cleverness and guile to overcome the situation. In this case with the Lot in the first house, and it's ruler in the seventh, I think you have to think this through from a totally opposite perspective.Exactly what steps you need to take, I think will come from your own analysis of the situation and serious lateral thinking, on finance, on your home and how you manage your work.
again I'll have a think about that but you should be able to see the situation more clearly than me. You have the necessary information.
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