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My impressions:

wherever the prince is travelling to, it looks like he is having a break now. He is not on a path, but he is standing close to the water, near a big tree: the tree fills the top of the card. So maybe the prince is standing in a bit of a secluded area, protected by the tree. He could have taken off his shoes and long trousers because he wants to refresh his feet in the water He looks at ease and relaxing. He does look a bit tired so he really needs to rest here; however, this has not stopped him from thinking about the cup he is firmly holding in front of him.
This prince has very long hair, and so does his horse (his manes). Man and horse look a lot alike, in a way.

One of the most striking things about this card is the sky in the background: it is pink high up and close to the ground it is yellow. This is weird: when the sky is pink this is usually when the sun is rising or setting, but then the air close to the ground would have to be red from the setting or rising sun, not yellow. It makes a beautiful sky, but also a bit surreal, which enhances the dreamy impression of the card. The sky is also mirrored in the water, so the effect becomes even bigger.
Maybe the prince is taking a well-deserved rest from pursuing his dreams, but he could also be dreaming too much (there is a danger of that in the prince of cups as well, I think). Depending on the reading it could be either.
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