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Originally Posted by Debra View Post
The Game Crafter joined this forum and is aware of the problem. If you send them a pm or e-mail they might be able to help.
Believe me, we have all been in touch with them - here and by email - I have personally for MONTHS now. It's infuriating. To them too. The oddest bit (for me) was the day I ordered a deck from them with the $19 to the UK option (still not the best they could have got, as cardlady - who mailed TWO on for me for $13 and change in a small box that anyone can buy at the post office!!! can tell you) and within hours it was back with the only option for the UK as the $40 one - for the same deck to the same place. They say it is something that the US Post Office has automated. Well - the US Post office must be...

Excuse me. I don't want to be blanked with asterisks...

ETA - AH - I see the same just happened to truelighth. That's what is so weirdly deranged. How can the US Post Office's automatised system change by halving and doubling the price every 30 seconds ? When they DID mail one to me for $19, it was in a box they had apparently put together themselves (much folding and tape etc - NOT a bought in box !) and it was fine. But why they don't just buy in a load of those flat rate priority boxes defeats me. As cardlady said - here or in the other thread - you can get THREE of their decks into one of those, for $16.95. (*as long as one isn't the Iowan's...*)
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