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Thanks for the update!

Squee! Those scarves and the tiny rucksack are just adorable!
And the black cloak of the teacher makes me think of Harry Potter, which makes me think of Severus Snape, which makes me think of...

I've been very bad myself. No Eight of Swords card has been drawn yet. I shall do it this weekend, though. Really.

Nonetheless, I'm also curious to hear what happened to rhombchick (never heard back from her when I last PMed her - but I've seen her around here) and Equidies who jumped in at the very last minute to do one of the Ferret's cards.

Are you out there, the two of you? Equidies, did you ever get cards to draw on? rhombchick, did you ever finish your cards? Maybe even sent them off to Feretian? Could you two give us a short status update, even if it is "I haven't drawn anything yet"? I would sleep so much calmer knowing I only need to worry about my own cards...
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