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Originally Posted by Barleywine View Post
I generally don't look at all the houses for all the cards in a GT, just those that are brought into high focus by other techniques (significator cards, those immediately touching, those that make important combinations, those knighting, those mirroring, etc.). I use a hierarchical approach that goes after the "heavy hitters" first and then fleshes out the picture with more detail only if needed (and if time permits); doing more than that can create unnecessary "clutter" and begin to produce contradictory testimony. (I'm probably one of the more obsessively analytical types here, so dialing back on the detail is saying something for me.) I'm after compelling evidence and try to avoid "background static." I should also mention that I use the traditional positive, neutral and negative associations for the cards; unlike tarot, they seem more firmly established.

I pay close attention if spread card and house card have a special affinity or antipathy for one another, amplifying or diminishing the spread card's effect, and to any house that has direct significance for the subject of each focus area within the reading (for example, in examing the "love quotient" within a spread, I would look for whether either or both of the main significators falls in the house of the Heart, the Ring or the Bouquet or, conversely, the Clouds, the Snake or the Fox. It's more complex than that, of course, but it gives an immediate "flavor" to the underlying relationship potential that may not be shown by any overt connection between those cards.

In short, I consider the house system mainly an "extra" that can help to bring order out of apparent chaos when all else falls short (which, frankly, is a fairly rare occurrence given the wealth of more obvious reinforcement within the GT).
I noticed that Rana George in her book reads a lot like you, Barleywine, when it comes to houses. I was driving myself crazy reading the houses with every card.

As I write my GT's on a spread sheet with the houses written underneath, it may be a bit hard for me to ignore the houses, but it will be a lot less nerve wracking to read. :-D I do have a spread sheet without the houses. I'm going to give that a try.

Thank you!
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