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Originally Posted by CosmicBeing View Post
I always use the houses and the card that sit in it to make a combination.

Houses are adverbs/adjectives/reaction and the card that sits in the house is the subject/action/cause

People who do 8x4+4
Usually read the last 4 cards without the houses for the 'advice' or summary
The last 4 cards are also read with the house to explain what is going on in the whole chart.

So depends on what you are looking for at the time you read the last 4 cards.. is it the advice/guidance for that GT Layout.

***Remember this is just my understanding...everyone has a different view of the GT and how to read it****

News pertaining to wishes/hopes or News on the internet
News that is in the form of rejection or News that is harsh or News pertaining to separation.
Separation/rejection that was long coming or calm.
Long standing/old wish or Long standing internet or 'old' internet

If it is advice, the advice might be to move on from rejection that is connected to a long standing wish/hope/desire.

Scythe is also a card of something sudden.

Moving on is the solution. (rider/fish)
(Look for where the fish card sits to know what the problem is)

Rejection of money or Rejection causes being single or Sudden Money. (scythe/fish)

Lilies is a card of something long standing...took time to develop/calmness/something older-old and Anchor is a house of stability/life time/work..I wouldn't know how to translate this if I didn't see whole chart.

Hopes/dreams that are heavy or disappoint/hopes-dreams bring disappointment or hardships/internet is difficult.

These are just some I said this is just my view. It depends a lot of what card meanings you have for each card. Lilies is a card of sex for someone and for me it isn't.
I don't read the Lilies as sex either.

I very much appreciate you taking the time to give your interpretation of the cards. This was a hard one for me to get a handle on. There are several of your translations that make sense of what I am going through right now. The GT was for me with a general overview.

I don't specifically set an intention for the last four cards. I generally look at the last four cards as a sum of the reading. I never thought of intending reading them for advice. I am most definitely going to experiment with that idea.
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