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Originally Posted by Village Witch View Post
I don't read the Lilies as sex either.

I very much appreciate you taking the time to give your interpretation of the cards. This was a hard one for me to get a handle on. There are several of your translations that make sense of what I am going through right now. The GT was for me with a general overview.

I don't specifically set an intention for the last four cards. I generally look at the last four cards as a sum of the reading. I never thought of intending reading them for advice. I am most definitely going to experiment with that idea.
Happy it made sense. I made a type (rider/fish) I meant to write (rider/key)
Rider tells you the solution
The house the key card falls in tells you what the solution is to (aka problem/crisis).

Well hopefully it was good enough food for thought! Hope the GT layout comes out to be as helpful as I discovered it to be.
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