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Originally Posted by Village Witch View Post
As I write my GT's on a spread sheet with the houses written underneath, it may be a bit hard for me to ignore the houses, but it will be a lot less nerve wracking to read. :-D I do have a spread sheet without the houses. I'm going to give that a try.
I like to have the house titles visible even if I don't read them for every card, since I haven't memorized all of the house positions yet. This lets me see if a card lands on its own house even if it isn't tied in to an obvious combination. It's just something I take note of in the event I discover another subtle connection as I work my way into the spread. I see it as an obvious strengthening of the card's emphasis even if it doesn't have an immediately apparent outlet.

As far as method, I started with Andy Boroveshengra's approach when he was posting here (as andybc), and then followed up with his book. I have Rana's book (and Caitlin's and Sylvie's), but I like to keep things as simple as possible to start and then elaborate in whatever direction the spread takes me. That's probably why I was able to work successfully with the GT from the very beginning and never looked back.
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