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Originally Posted by CosmicBeing View Post
Both cards are telling you to move forward.

Rider is a moving forward card
Stork is pretty much a progression card.

So it may all be telling you.... The solution to improvements is through moving forward

Where does the fish card might explain more about your money.

Scythe in house of fish can be a card of sudden momentary gains (fish)

Fish is money...this is usually money we work for. (think of a fisherman)
Clover is money that is small amounts or from speculation (the casino)
Bear is large amount of money...usually loans, investment, etc. (the bank)

That is my personal view of the cards.
Fish sits on the house of Tree. This tells me slow but steady growth. I can live with that.

I was hesitant to read the Scythe as a "harvest" of money. I try to stick with a more narrow set of meanings. I do admit to stretching things a bit from time to time.

And the hubby just got notice this week of an insurance payout from a life insurance policy that an out-of-state bank held on his parents who passed away years ago. It isn't a lot of money but a very nice surprise!

Thank you sincerely for your help, CosmicBeing. Much appreciated. :-)
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