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Hello Grigori!
I hope Ms Lust is treating you well.

Here for everyones' information is the post I wrote for my blog yesterday:

Well, itís been a while hasnít it!

But I havenít been idle. I have worked my way through the Minor Arcana in numerical order, traveling down the Tree of Life until I am now entering Malkuth. By the end of this month I will have finished the tens, and all the number cards, which is an amazing milestone to me. I am quite impressed that I have done this in under one year. And what an incredible journey it has been! I never expected this part of creating a deck to be so much fun. I am almost sad I am nearing the end. I feel utterly transformed by the experience.

However the task itself is far from complete. I have quite a few court cards left to do, and then there are probably half the Majors needing either redone or seriously renovated. Add to that the writing of the guide and I am optimistically calculating that it will be another year until I can publish.

I will try to update here a little more often in the interim, and I plan to overhaul this blog once I have completed the tens. You might have noticed that I have bought the domain now so please change your links. Eventually a fully fledged site will appear here and it will be time for this deck to be born.

Kind Regards to you all!

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