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Who or what is the woman looking at in the card? She seems to me to be looking at something out of the frame of the card?

Also is the shell bit behind the male figure a part of him or a continuation of the female? I can't tell

The man is white, don't white lillies in RWS mean spiritual purity? And red is for the material world? To me this card looks like the man is worshipping the female, to gain spiritual enlightenment? To free himself from the red physical/material world surrounding him?

Also white= yang which is male energy? Black = yin which is female? Have I got that the right way round?

Has anyone read American Gods by Neil Gaiman? Theres a scene earlyish in the book where a man is with a prostitute (who is really a Goddess) and who has sex with her which is a way of worshipping her and he ends up going inside her (kind of like a reverse birth!)...well this card reminds me of that scene
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