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It's a really interesting novel, and there is another that is in a similar vein called the Anansi Boys. I believe he does graphic novels as well, very talented man!

Ahhh Qabalah...I know nothing about it! Can you point me in the direction of any books or websites that could help me with this topic? I really think I need to learn it in order to fully appreciate this deck.

In a lot of cultures isn't there the idea of the sacred feminine and men would "worship" the female form (sacred sex), in order to gain spiritual enlightenment? And in witchcraft there is the Great Rite, where the male and female energies unite (through sex)....

I found this paragraph here that I felt resonated for me, "Today the Great Rite deals with the essence of feminine and masculine energy as it relates to the God and Goddess. The idea is that in order to establish true Divinity within oneself, you need to accept and join your two natures together. We are all part masculine and part feminine within our being. Only when we learn to accept the nature of both can we discover the true divinity within" on this website
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