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Originally Posted by Aster Breo View Post
Your commitment to your vision is admirable. As much as I'd like to have my own copy of this beautiful deck, I think it's more important for you to be comfortable with the result of your long and hard work. So, FWIW, I encourage you to move at your own pace to further this project.

That said, is there anything that we, as a group here on AT, or any of us individually can do you help you?
Thank you Aster Breo. That's very sweet of you.

For the past few years, I've kept a very low profile around here, so there isn't really much for anyone to worry about.
The feedback has been positive, but it's also made me realize that some aspects of this deck may not be coming through so well, so I've been reworking some things before I choose a direction to run in.

I haven't spoken to any commercial publishers yet. I don't yet know if I will.
I'm not sure about Kickstarter or Indiegogo as I don't have a wide social media presence in the tarot world, and I'm not sure it would be the best way to reach my audience.

I am more confident now that I'll be able to work out the production issues with the Artist's Book edition, and get that going, but unfortunately I'm sorry to say it comes at a cost that is already likely higher than most people here will be willing to pay.

Anyway, thank you, and I appreciate your effort to reply.
Eventually, things will get resolved…

More info & pics:
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