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I am glad that you are dancing Maan!

I am also glad that this decks threads are building up as it really deserves some recognition. In time, if more people buy this deck, our views will have formed a catalogue of the cards and their interpretations. There is so little information, other than the LWB, so I think that that would be useful for any new reader of this tarot pack.

Out of curiosity, where do your cards 'live'? I read already, Maan, that yours live in a marble bag (am I right?). Mine do not have a home yet. I did buy them a very brightly coloured lay out cloth though. It is full of different coloured stars, has large suns in the corner and a childlike moon in the centre. At first, I thought it may be a bit distractive, but the colours work so well with the Phantasmagoric that it makes for a really lively and energetic spread. I have an old tin that was my Grandmothers and then, my mothers. It is so old, is black and has coloured and also gold pictures on it. I would like to use it for a deck but am not sure whether it fits with this one; thought something brighter would be more appropriate. What do you think?

The scan is not a particularly good one, I am affraid.

Best wishes

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