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Well I will finally participate. Even though I do not officially own the deck yet (I received a deck with 8 missing cards, a replacement is on the way and they told me to keep the incomplete one - luckily this card was not a missing one).

The first thing that caught my eyes was the cloudy sky and the illuminated rays coming from the sword. I see this as an awakening of the mind after a time of confusion. The path that has been described in previous posts to me seems like a river or a canal - it looks more water-like than dirt like. This again is a raising of our consciousness - we are allowing our subconscious to co-exist with our conscious world.

Ducky - Since Monty Python & the HG is one of my favorite movies, I felt the same thing at first (The Castle of Argggghhh), lol. However, I was also reminded of the beautiful Mont St. Michel off the coast of France - apparently there is a Mount St. Michael in the British Isles as well.

Not having spent alot of time with this deck as of yet, I must say one of the beautiful aspects of the cards seem to be the borders. I just love the clouds on the borders of this card. I am looking forward to delving deeper into this deck as time goes on.

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