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A graveyard, lies within the shadows of a gothic church in ruin. The huge arched entrances still stand as well as parts of the wall. Stairs lead down from the ancient openings and disappear in the fog. A small black metal fence marks the boundary of this old cemetery. A number of grave markers can be seen in the fog. On a pedestal is a statue of an angel who appears to be reading from a book that he is holding out in front of him. A female ghost stands before this statue and looks up as if in great awe. A strange play of light has both the spirits face and the statues face almost glowing, as if there is an implied exchange going on here. Perchance she may soon be free of this forsaken graveyard.

“Being cursed to wander this countryside until the church has crumbled to the earth was bad enough, but this is getting a bit ridiculous.”
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