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The ace of swords

The card shows a sword, held vertically against a backdrop of the island of St. Michael off Cornwall. It has four rays radiating from it; the sword itself forms the fifth ray.

The rays indicate power. The sword itself can cut to the heart of the matter, or to the quick, causing death and destruction, as with a lot of ideas and new ways of thinking or acting.

The island of St. Michael is separated from the mainland by a tenuous bit of ocean, like the intellect from the unconscious and the emotions.

The ace is very powerful, but can cut deep, if not handled correctly. I think it can also be heavy. I canít imagine hefting a sword that may weigh 20-25 pounds.

Sometimes thinking can cause a weight, i.e., positive attributes, such as intellectualism, or negative attributes, such as paranoia or narcissism. Intellectualism can cut you off from the mainland of your fellows. Paranoia and narcissism can and act tp separate you from communal pursuits and the good a community can bring to us.

However, intellectualism and thought has brought us antibiotics, heart transplants, and the internet.

The sword cuts both (two) ways, and has to be approached with care.

Love this deck
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