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"Does S/He Like Me?" Spread

Hehe... a year or so back on another forum, someone was asking about using tarot to determine whether a boy in her high school liked her or not. The poor girl got chased away without an answer by a couple folks who were trying to impose their personal beliefs onto her... but for some reason that was the first spread I thought of creating when I thought of making up a new spread.

First, choose a significator for the Querent and the Object of the query. Then lay everything out like this:


1 is the Object's position.
2 is the Querent's position.
3-6 are the Object's feelings, opinions and considered actions toward the Querent.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, as I was taught, in a spread like this the Querent should choose a King or Queen as his/her significator and the Queen or King of the same suit for the Object of the query (in a romantic matter like this.)
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