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I notice he is sorrounded by the color green, which is the color for growth and opportunity. He's walking on green grass, there are green shrubs (or bushes) all around him, the sky has green streaks, he has a green evergreen twig in his belt, his loincloth is mostly green, and his hair is tied with two green strips of cloth or string. This can mean that the Clown is literally surrounded by opportunities for growth - any path he takes along the green grass will ultimately lead to some growth experience that will be beneficial and that he will, ultimately, incorporate into his character.

Also note the medicine bag around his neck - he's also taken the time (presumably) to protect himself against evil and negativity. As such, his potential growth experiences should be positive ones.

Next, note that he has five pieces of cloths wrapped around very specific parts of his body - his neck, his two hands, and his two feet. To me this means that he also seeks protection and help from Spirit and the Four Elements. The cloth around his neck is for Spirit, the ones around his right hand for Air, the right leg for Fire, the left hand for Cups and the left leg for Earth. (My suppostions, you understand. :?) )

Finally, note that his aura is connected to the Wolf's aura, which could mean that the Wolf is his Animal Totem or Spirit Guide.

He may come across as funny, crazy, chaotic, naive and carefree, but it could all be a front or a facade for a person who is actually quite an enlghtened introvert who certainly seems to be connected in ways that will serve him well in the long run.
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